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Introduction : Why this book is a detective story

Chapter One : War and Peace The background of the story – from Napoleon’s march on Moscow to the collapse of the Soviet Union

Chapter Two : Capturing the World – on paper Describing the style, content and symbology of the Red Army’s maps of the world

Chapter Three : Plots and Plans The overt and covert methods of the Soviet cartographers

Chapter Four : Resurrection The discovery of the maps after the fall of the Soviet Union and their continuing significance today

Appendix 1 Examples of maps of various series and scales

Appendix 2 References and resources

Appendix 3 Translation of typical city plan ‘spravka’

Appendix 4 Translation of typical topographic map ‘spravka’

Appendix 5 Symbols and annotation

Appendix 5 Glossary of common terms and abbreviations

Appendix 7 Print codes

Appendix 8 Secrecy and control



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